Intentionally burnt forest to clear land for transmigrants' plantation from the neighboring islands of Sulawesi & Madura in a buffer zone immediately adjacent to Gunung Palung Nat'l Pk., West Kalimantan (Borneo), Indonesia.  1997  Despite its national park status, Gunung Palung National Park is a threatened habitat for orang utans.
 Timber piled high upon the banks of the Lower Rejang River and is so plentiful that is it used to construct the boat landing itself, Sarawak (Borneo), Malaysia.  1994
 Gunung Palung Nat'l Forest is one of the last protected refuges for orang utans.  1997  This young illegal logger was lent a chainsaw from a merchant in town who sells the timber.  Illegal loggers have penetrated deep into the park.   On a five hour hike, one way, into an orang utan research center within the park, four hours of the hike were through forest that had been illegally logged. 
 Drowned forest exposed because of extreme drought, Batang Ai Reservoir, Sarawak (Borneo), Malaysia.  1997  Batang Ai Dam Project forced 3,000 Iban Dayak people to relocate while flooding 8,500 hectares of their forest homeland.
 Minding raft of logs on the upper reaches of the Rejang River  Sarawak, Malaysia 1994
 Logging truck laden with gigantic logs raises dust on a private logging road deep in the interior of Borneo, Sarawak (Borneo), Malaysia.  1997
 Young man pulls T-shirt over face to block out smoke from the great forest fires of 1997.  Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia.  Fires, set by farmers and oil palm plantation owners to clear the land during an extended drought, burned 8 million hectares (31,000 square miles) of forest, including peat forest, almost equal to the land area of Austria.
 Logging roads pierce forest, Sarawak (Borneo), Malaysia. - Logging roads pierce forest that was wilderness less than ten years ago, deep interior of Sarawak (Borneo), Malaysia.  1997
 Illegal logging in the late-1990's:Twigs used as rollers by illegal loggers arrayed on Borneo rainforest floor inside Gunung Palung National Pk.   West Kalimantan, Indonesia  1997
 Batang Ai Dam looms in the haze from great forest fires, Sarawak (Borneo), Malaysia.  Dayak longboats moored at ethnic Chinese restaurant shack beside the Batang Ai Dam beneath the haze from massive forest fires across the border in Kalimantan, Indonesia.  Batang Ai, Sarawak, Malaysia.  1997
 Iban Dayak man huddles in bow of longboat to avoid stinging smoke of massive forest fires over the Indonesian border in Kalimantan in 1997.  Batang Ai Reservoir, Sarawak, Malaysia.
 Young boy gets a bath from his mother from Pontianak’s river by sawmills, sewage and petroleum.  West Kalimantan, Indonesia.  1997
 Men have climbed atop huge river barge to help unload timber cut upriver in the heart of Borneo.  Lower Rejang River, Sarawak, Malaysia.  1997
 Clear cut to make way for an oil palm plantation within the buffer zone of Gunung Palung National Park (treeline of Gunung Palung National Park seen in background).   West Kalimantan, Indonesia.  1997
 Logging boats moored beside tons of discarded milled lumber, Lower Rejang River, Sarawak, Malaysia.  1997
 Iban Dayak longboat passes logging camp, Upper Rejang, Sarawak, Malaysia.  1994
 Young Dayak returns from job in the city, Lower Rejang River, Sarawak (Borneo), Malaysia.  1994  Many young Dayak men left the remote life at traditional longhouses for opportunity in the 90's, and this continues today.  Communal Dayak longhouse lands have become too downgraded, & Dayaks can no longer obtain enough protein from fish from mud-clogged rivers erosion or from hunting in degraded forests both the result of commercial logging.
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