Agta Negrito hunter's feet from a lifetime without shoes. His forests in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Luzon, Philippines have been utterly devastated, destroying his hunting ground and the way of life the Agta have known since time immemorial. Landslides are common, the thin tropical top soil has washed away and the Agta, who for the most part lack formal education face an uncertain future if they are forced to enter the unskilled labor market or cash economy. The Filipino environment has been devastated in the past half century with dynamiting of the rich coral reefs, logging and a burgeoning population competing in a depleted environment, which was once truly paradise on earth.  1995
 Tero, an Agta hunter with his bow and arrow in the Sierra Madre Mountains, Philippines.  Tero has the lean body of a rainforest hunter without an gram of extra weigh on his frame and nor flamboyant steroid induced bulk.
 A lowland settler, or "kaiginero", encroaching on Agta Negrito territory after loggers have left in the Sierra Madre Mountains, carries log from remaining secondary scrub forest, Luzon, Philippines.  The depletion continues until the ground is almost naked.  Loggers open up the land and then settlers ensure the forest is gone forever.
 Making contact with Sawa Agta Negrito Village at dusk, in the rainforests of the Sierra Madre Mountains, Philippines.  Sawa residents told me that I was the first American to make contact them although many years before they had encountered Japanese soldiers during World War II.
 Kaiginero’s (lowland squatters who continue colonizing Agta territory) shack on the deforested fringes of the Sierra Madre Mountain rainforest.  The loggers finish and settlers move in behind them.  The Agta Negritos have all but run out of room with the forest receding up from the coast on one side and from the Cagayan Valley from the other.  The forest on the Sierra Madre's west side has been clear cut almost to the base of the mountains, Luzon, Philippines.
 Deforestation snakes its way up the river valleys in the Sierra Madre Mountains, as lowlander kaiginero squatters clear farms as the arable land in crowded valleys has long since been cleared and cultivated.  Luzon, Philippines.
 Dumagat Negrito mother watches her baby nap in her family's hut, Palaui Island, Philippines.  The Dumagat are a Negrito ethnicity that lives along the coast.
 Agta Negrito headman, Pok, under a traditional Negrito lean-to shelter in Sawa, Sierra Madre Mountains, Luzon, Philippines. 
 Illegal "carabao" (water buffalo) loggers returning to the rainforest from market in Peñablanca, crossing a completely logged over, muddy, eroded swathe of the Sierra Madre Mountains, Luzon, Philippines.  Enforcement of logging laws in the Philippines, then and now, is hit and miss, and more miss than hit.
 Two Agta Negrito girls look on at various arrowheads used for hunting in a government settlement near Peñablanca at the base of the Sierra Madre Mountains, Luzon, Philippines. 
 Baker, a young Dumagat Negrito man, checks his speargun above the surface of the see before diving down for fish.  Palaui Island, Philippines.
 Village headman Pok's wife in the doorway to the kitchen of her hut, Sawa.  Sierra Madre Mountains, Luzon, Philippines.
 Skull of monkey hunted down by the Agta Negrito clan for dinner washed by rains of an approaching typhoon.  Sierra Madre Mountains, Luzon, Philippines. 
 Agta women and children bathe in rainforest stream as typhoon approaches in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Luzon.  Philippines.
 Tero and a boy have lunch in the shelter of a traditional palm lean-to, Sierra Madre Mountain Rainforest, Philippines.  These two are members of one of the last few truly semi-nomadic bands of Agta people.  
 The last time I saw Agta headman, Pok, of Sawa in the Sierra Madre Mountain rainforests of Luzon.  Philippines.  Pok was the headman of Sawa, the settlement of one of the last truly semi-nomadic band of Agta Negritos.  Pok asked for two aspirin and walked alone back into the fast shrinking forest from the ragged fringe where outside squatters have begun grabbing more of the Agta's traditional territory.
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